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Waht is Insulin Resistance Symptoms In Females?

Waht is Insulin Resistance Symptoms In Females?

Insulin resistance is a condition in which body is unable to utilize glucose from the carbohydrates. As a result, it starts getting stored in the form of fats. It is common in elderly females. Follow below to know What is insulin resistance symptoms in females?, but first we should describe what is insulin resistance.

Waht is Insulin Resistance Symptoms In Females?

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is a hormone produced by Pancreas. It helps to counter glucose in blood. However, production of too much insulin and too less insulin, are both medical conditions.

In Insulin resistance, the body fails to utilize glucose from the food taken. Too much glucose inside the blood, starts getting stored in the form of fats. This leads to health problems such as diabetes, obesity and various heart diseases. Due to hormonal imbalance, a person may develop hormonal deficiency towards a certain hormone.

Most women suffer from insulin resistance. In America, the alarming number of people suffering from insulin resistance is 80 million. The anticipation of insulin resistance among perimenopause women is higher, which can then lead to pre-diabetes.

Insulin Resistance Symptoms in Females?

 It is essential for women to understand how insulin resistance interrupts fat metabolism know about insulin resistance symptoms in females. When body cells do not take in the glucose, the liver has to do extra work to convert glucose into fat. Since fat cells are loaded with glucose receptors, it becomes a part of never ending cycle.

So that means if you are insulin resistant and you are gaining weight, your cells are “starved” for glucose. Even with all the extra weight you’re gaining, your cells did not get enough. As a result, you tend to feel tired all the time. Your extra fat cells are also little estrogen factories, which increase the level of estrogen, every time you gain weight.

The symptoms of “syndrome X” appear well before menopause. You might not pay any significant attention to them but a women’s health deteriorates rapidly during menopause, when there’s a fall of estrogen levels.

If there are any digestive issues, adding salt to injury, the likelihood of them getting increased to more serious problems is pre-eminent. The body gets weak, the natural defenses against inflammation get shallow and metabolic dysfunctionalities affect adrenal secretions.

Decrease of certain hormones, such as estradiol may trigger a resistance insulin in women. Certain blood pressure medications may offer temporary masking which suppress the disease for a limited time, but in reality, this is more dangerous, as the condition worsens after prolong periods of time. Many women unintentionally make their insulin resistance symptoms worse by trying to lose weight on low fat- high carb diet.

Alarming Signals To Look For

If your family has a history of type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension and obesity, you are in grave danger. Women with apple shaped bodies tend to gain weight mostly around abdomen, usually have tolerance for insulin

To assess the risk, measure yourself around the smallest part of your waist (don’t hold for the stomach) and the biggest part of your hips. Divide the waist measurement by hip measurement.

If the result is bigger than 0.8, it indicates that your abdomen is suffering from obesity and you are at a potential risk for developing insulin resistance.

Also, if you have an enormous amount of cholesterol in your blood and high triglycerides, there’s a chance that you might be insulin resistant.

Another insulin resistance symptom to look for is a skin change called acanthosis nigricans. This includes velvety, wart like dark skin, and formed on necks and armpits, which indicate insulin resistance among 90% women who experience it

Obese individuals are more likely to be insulin resistant than non-obese. People having the genetic heritage of Asian-American, Native American and African American are more likely to suffer from insulin resistance. We encourage you educate yourself on what is insulin resistance and its symptoms to prevent it.


Insulin resistance symptoms in females appear well before menopause. It precedes the development of type 2 diabetes and often leads to other medical conditions such as fatty liver, skin tags, arteriosclerosis and various reproductive abnormalities. The cause of insulin resistance is both, hereditary and unhealthy lifestyle.

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