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Many ask: “how to lower blood sugar without medication and to what extent it is possible”
At first, you have to know that high blood sugar is an alarming sign of having diabetes especially if it is chronic and there is one of your 1st degree relatives suffers from diabetes.

So in this article I will point to the normal levels of blood sugar, what high levels are and how to lower blood sugar without medication.


Do you know that glucose is the most important carbohydrate fuel in the body, and it is the only source of fuel for the brain?!

What is blood sugar?

Blood sugar or blood glucose is the amount of glucose carried by the bloodstream to all the cells of the body as this sugar is source of energy to cells to do their jobs.

What are different Levels of blood sugar?

how to lower blood sugar without medication

• In healthy people fasting blood sugar is 99 mg/dL (normal range)
• In diabetics fasting blood sugar is fluctuant, which is the role of doctor to make this level within the normal range through telling the patient how to lower blood sugar without medication. If it is still high, he/ she will medical interference.


How to lower blood sugar without medication equals the general management of diabetic patient which is composed of:

Diet control

i. Carbohydrate
• The aim of diet control is to eat foods with low glycemic index to avoid episodes of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
• Generally a diet that contains a balanced amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins is recommended for diabetes both type 1 and type 2.
• However, most people with diabetes type 2 have to decrease their weight by 5-10% and a further decrease long term is beneficial for decreasing the morbidities of type 2.
• So if you are a type 2 diabetic, try to replace all your carbohydrates by ones with low glycemic index as basmati rice, gran bread, oats, sweet potatoes…

ii. Fat
• If you want to know how to lower blood sugar without medication, you will need also to make sure that all the fats included in your diet are unsaturated unprocessed fats.
• A clinical trial showed that nut consumption increase your satiety and has neutral effect on your insulin and glucose.
iii. Protein
• It is known that protein is better for diabetics than carbohydrates as carbohydrates affect your blood sugar quickly.
• About the amount will determine it.

Bottom line:

the perfect plate for a diabetic must contain a source of protein as eggs, bean, or lean meat; a source of fat as nuts, olive oil, or fats in meat; and a source of carbohydrates as oats, fruits, green vegetables, or whole grain rice/ bread.
iv. In addition to that
Diabetics are recommended to take 10% of their calories from protein, 40% of their calories from fat, and the remaining 50% from carbohydrates.
• This besides its role in weight loss helps decrease microvascular morbidities associated with obesity as cardiovascular and retinal disorders as well as macro-vascular ones as hyperlipidemia.

• Sticking to healthier diet decreases mortality rates in type 1 diabetes and decreases glycosylated hemoglobin levels in type 2 diabetes by an average of 7.5%. So diet has a modest role in the control of diabetes

v. Home remedies
If you want to know how to lower blood sugar fast without medication, you should be aware of these home remedies.
1. Apple cider vinegar, cinnamon extracts, and fenugreek seed:
These remedies help decrease blood glucose level, increase insulin sensitivity and help diabetics maintain their blood sugar level at a normal level when added to their daily diet.
2. Vegan diet
• Some people prefer to follow a vegan diet and wonder if it is compatible with diabetes, absolutely. Vegans usually follow a diet rich in fibers which is good for the weight loss essential for type 2 diabetics.
• A vegan diet also has no calorie count which makes it somehow easier to follow than other diabetes diets. A vegan diet rich in fibers and has balanced minerals and nutrients can be suitable with a diabetic.


• As sedentary life is a major risk factor for type2 diabetes, Exercise is mandatory to those want to know how to lower blood sugar without medication.
• Exercise helps greatly modify the progress of both diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2.
• The best type of exercise is that which is fun and sustainable as walking, dancing, cycling, or swimming.
• Exercise helps decrease blood glucose levels and aids in weight loss essential for persons with diabetes type 2.

• The most important thing concerning exercise is making sure you had your balanced meals throughout the day to avoid an episode of hypoglycemia.
• The exercise also has to be moderate to avoid the danger of a hypoglycemic attack. 30 minutes of exercise are recommended on most of the days of the week for adults while an hour of exercise is recommended for children.


To sum up for who wonders how to lower blood sugar without medication, in many cases general management of the case successes if the patient is cooperative and follow instructions.

In others it fails and medical treatment is a must.

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